Change’s Coming: Land for Sale

For the past few years, Tony and I have been contemplating our future living situation. We really like the house we live in – the location is great, it’s a good size for our family, we love our neighborhood, and everything about this place is perfectly fine. But it’s still never been quite right…

We need another bedroom (which we have plenty of space to add). We’d like to put a porch/deck on the front of the house (which we’ve discussed and would get around to in the next 9-12 months). We’d like to put a flat patio in the back where we could setup a basketball goal and not have to worry about it rolling down the driveway (probably not anything we’d do in the next year or two, but it was on the list). We’d love to upgrade the master bathroom and the kitchen. None of these are critical, just things you want and dream about in the house that you’re going to raise your family in and spend all your time in after you retire.

But even after all the work and projects, the fact that we live 45 minutes away from our hunting land will never change.

We’ve considered building a house on Tony’s Lebo land, but it’s just not realistic. Tony works in Topeka. I’m working in Kansas City. Both of us commuting an hour each way makes for a pretty poor quality of life.

So we’ve come to the conclusion that neither piece of property is the ultimate answer.

We are in the final steps of getting Tony’s Lebo land ready to sell, and we’re starting to look for new property. Hopefully something with a house, or maybe a space where we’ll build a house. And once we figure the house thing out, we’ll put our current house on the market.

If you know of anyone selling a decent chunk of turkey hunting land in the Osage County or Wabaunsee County area, let us know. We’re looking to buy. (Especially if it has a 4+ bedroom house on it!) Or, if you know someone that’s looking for a good piece of hunting land in Southern Osage County, let me know. We have 147 acres of prime hunting land that will go on the market in the next few weeks.