Quit licking that!

At least once a day I have to tell one of my kids, “Stop licking that!” or, “Quit putting (fill in the blank) in your mouth!” This past week alone you could fill in that blank with crayons, marbles, Legos, rocks, and this evening coins.

Tonight I caught Alex as he was spitting coins out – a quarter and two nickels. I said, “Buddy, you shouldn’t put money into your mouth. It has lots of germs and can make you sick. And if you swallow it, the doctor has to cut open your tummy to get it out.”

Cue the hysterical crying.

Apparently, Alex had in fact swallowed “a money” a bit earlier. Now he was convinced he was going to die. (To be fair, I probably played a role in that given my dramatics regarding the doctor needing to cut into a stomach to retrieve a swallowed coin.)

After asking a few questions, I was able to ascertain that he had probably swallowed a dime, and that it wasn’t causing him any pain. Then I assured him that he’d probably be able to poop it out, which of course resulted in several minutes of giggles.

Guess I’ll be on poop patrol for the next few days. 💩💩💩

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